Cz p10f review hickok45

This is a serialized firearm, and must be shipped to an FFL dealer. Email: ffl dkfirearms. Anonymous verified owner — May 16, This gun has great hand feel and good weight. Robert B. The staff at DK Firearms was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and customer oriented. Thank you DK! Hagerson D. Your email address will not be published.

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cz p10f review hickok45

Rated 5. Add to wishlist. Share Facebook Twitter Email Pinterest linkedin. Features: Cold hammer forged 4.

cz p10f review hickok45

Two 19 round magazines. Metal tactical 3 dot sights. Striker fired. Extend and undercut trigger guard allows the user to have as a high a grip as possible, or accommodate a gloved hand. Swappable magazine release. Three interchangeable back straps. Rated 5 out of 5. Add a review Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You may also like….Giving the P C a big brother, the F is a full-size model.

The added weight means it shoots flatter and reduced felt recoil. One change that happens on both the US-made and Czech-made Ps is the switch to a swappable magazine release. With a change in geometry, the goal was to eliminate the stiffness some customers experienced as the magazine release broke in, even though it became smooth after some use.

This new reversible release just requires a few minutes to swap, allowing the P to remain lefty-friendly. Much more than just our take on the striker-fired pistol, the P is decidedly CZ, from the way it feels to the way it shoots.

First order of business, ergonomics. A mild palm swell, deep beavertail and three interchangeable backstraps make the P fit a wide variety of hands as if it were built for them.

Because it was. Next up, trigger. So many striker-fired pistols do many things right, falling short when it comes time to pull the trigger. Built to withstand the rigors of military use, its fiber-reinforced polymer frame and hardy nitride finish are made for the daily grind. A generous trigger guard allows use with gloved hands while being undercut to allow as high a grip as possible, and a set of metal tactical 3-dot sights allow for one-handed manipulation of the slide on a belt.

Take-down of the P will be familiar to most fans of striker-fired guns, and even more pleasing will be holster compatibility with some of the most common guns on the market.

cz p10f review hickok45

It may have taken a while to come to market, but we feel the wait has been worth it. With CZ reliability, engineered ergonomics and a bevy of features both familiar and new, the P is the complete package. Colten — May 20, :. Love at first shot! After owning and shooting several big name striker fired pistols, I have finally found my excalibur in the p10 F.

cz p10f review hickok45

Do yourself a favor and shoot one ASAP! Jeff Wilsey — May 19, :. This is by far the best striker fired pistol I have ever used. Pistol ran perfectly. Great Job CZ!! Steve Dapuzzo — April 26, :. Best pistols in the Universe, nothing can ever compare. Best reliability, best accuracy, best ergonomics, best triggers, best everything.The shooting world is seemingly still overrun with 9mm, striker-fired, polymer-based, semi-automatic pistols.

The P10c was first in the line of several weapons carrying the P10 name. After the success of the P10c, CZ came out with the P10s for subcompact and the P10f for full-size in Wink wink, nudge nudge. The concept behind these was pretty straightforward: CZ makes good weapons, and it was looking for a way to break into the synthetic-materials market.

However, due to low sales numbers, they were both discontinued around To their credit, CZ decided to go about it a different way, releasing the compact version first.

This way, they let shooters know they were about now, and what it is they had in store for the future. It was kind of refreshing, in a way. An optics-ready OR version of the P10 series is now available, spanking new for Machined mounting plates, option for co-witness, and the fact that the OR versions are made right here in the US — these all contribute to the likeability of these newer models.

Another difference is that the mag release button has been improved on. A downside is that the mag release is no longer ambi, and that the interchangeability of magazines is not guaranteed. Also available are the suppressor ready versions, which include a threaded barrel and higher night sights. Since the P10c was designed to compete head-on with the Glock 19the build is pretty similar.

It is polymer-based, glass fiber-reinforced, striker-fired, and it has a stainless steel slide. Designed inthe company worked on it for a while, releasing it in As one poignant forum-writer put it: this thing took everything that was good about the Glock 19 and made it better.

That said, I personally do not feel there is something which makes the P10c a significantly better weapon than the Glock You want that natural feel, decent accuracy, high capacity, with the option of hiding it in plain sight.As I came up in the gun world, I always had a distant relationship with CZ. Back inI actually handled one of the first generation models at my local base exchange.

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I ended up picking up the FNS-9 instead. Not because I really enjoy the FNS-9, but that the newest generation P07 offered a lot of improvements.

If you want to skip that part and go straight to the review, feel free by clicking here. However, it lags behind other common carry options when it comes to weight and size.

While I think the P07 is a good option, definitely compare it side by side with other quality pistols to see how it fits your needs. There actually used to be several Czech Armories producing weapons, so they the name of the town the factories resided in further distinguished them. Inthe Czechoslovakian government recognized the encroaching threat of Nazi Germany and directed its manufacturing plants further inland.

Production of anti-aircraft machine guns and small arms began in After the war, production returned to a mixture of military and civilian arms. The Warsaw Pact nations were required to produce arms in the same calibers and use common weapons for military purposes. I suppose you could say the engineers at CZ have always been rebels. They wanted a new and innovative 9mm pistol, but Soviet law prevented the company from doing it.

I think it just shows how influential JMB was. However, there was another problem. CZ intended to sell the pistol outside the Iron Curtain, which was a big problem under communist control, especially when it came to patents.

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Once the pistol seeped through the the curtain, other manufacturers took notice. Moreover, they realized that there was nothing stopping them from reverse engineering the design and producing their own copies. Some of the many clones produced by other countries and companies are here.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Since it's release in Januarythe CZ P F has continued to live up to the hypeimpressing even the most discerning shooters.

Picked up a p10 full-size today. Really liking the non-ambidextrous mag release. And you can put the f slide on a c frame. Longer p10 Reptiles on the horizon. The P F is unsurpassed in the striker-fired world when it comes to flush-fitting mags. The added weight means it shoots flatter and reduced felt recoil. Kyle Braschler of The Armorer's Fix recently got his hands on one and took her out for a spin to run viewers through a closer look at the P F.

After unloading a few rounds, Braschler says the CZ P F fits well in his hand, noting that the grip extends past his hand so there are no issues with mag changes.

CZ P07 Review: The DA/SA Glock Replacement?

He also notes the sides of the grip are softer, making it a great option to comfortably carry concealed. Braschler was consistently ringing steel from yards with no issues using factory sights. Have you shot the CZ P F or are you looking forward to checking it out? What are you most impressed with on this model? Jenn was born and raised in a big family in rural Northern Wisconsin — learning about firearm safety, hunting, and fishing from an early age. Summer campaign for her efforts to promote firearm education and safety within her community, especially for children.

Jacques continues to be an active and ardent supporter of the Second Amendment, an outspoken concealed carry advocate, and an avid outdoorswoman.

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It's here!!! View this post on Instagram. Categories: Gun Reviews. Posted By: Jenn Jacques.

CZ P-10 F Optics-Ready Review

Leave a Reply Name.This week, my CZ striker experience finally got to come full circle. Which is fitting, since the PC was one of the first reviews I ever did for GunsAmerica Digest, a little over 3 years ago.

I was fully prepared not to like the PC because it felt a little goofy in my hand.

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I had just come from the competition world, which meant I shot one pistol exclusively for like 5 years. But, at the range, it absolutely changed my mind. The C model was a lead slinger, the kind of gun that made it both hard to miss, and hard to go slow. I also thought it a bit odd that CZ went with the C model first in production. The PC is also one of the few guns I have sent back to the manufacturer and then kicked myself for years for not asking for an invoice instead.

It was that good. So when the PF came up for review, I jumped right on it. The P series of weapons and this makes even more sense in the full size, was built to fill a gap for the CZ fans. The CZ is an absolutely fantastic weapon, even winning over such die hard fans as Jeff Cooper. Yes, that Jeff Cooper. It is one of the smoothest shooting guns you will ever hold, and I recommend it highly.

But it does have drawbacks. Mostly one drawback. The CZ, with its all-steel frame, is heavy. Extremely heavy, like 2. This is one of the things that makes it extremely shootable, but it does have consequences in a belt holster.

In a world of super lightweight plastic fantastic guns, you can see where that loses some appeal. If you have to carry one all day every day, eventually that weight will start to matter. First, could they retain the absolutely unique ergonomics of the CZ? This is more important than most people think. The 75 has a certain feel to it, unlike anything else but a Bren Not an accident by the way.

Not only do users get a preference for a certain feel, but it matters in use. Mostly on a snapshot from the holster, but it does matter. If you shoot a CZ at matches on the weekend, you want something that points the same from the draw in a duty gun. Or CCW gun, or tactical, or whatever. And the PF managed to do exactly that. It feels like a polymer 75 when you hold it, which is awesome.

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The second thing CZ had to do with the P family was keep the trigger snobs happy. One of the advantages of a 75 is the single-action trigger, which is absolutely fantastic.

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Building a reliable gun that holds a bunch of 9mm? You and 25 other companies. But make one that has a good trigger, out of the box? Now you will have peoples attention. And in this regard, the P mostly delivers.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The CZ P F model in a standard size with an impressive magazine capacity of 19 rounds in 9mm.

Naturally, there is also the superb ergonomics and the exceptionally good trigger travel. With the overall length of mm, height of mm and a barrel length of mm, the pistol weighs just 0.

This perfectly reliable service and defence pistol provides the user with all the prerequisites for achieving direct hits in any situation. Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock.

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